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- Information Technology Advice
- Project Management
- Interim Management
- Organisational Advice
- Quality Care
- Information Governance & Security

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- Advise best practice for auditing & risk management (maturity based) and coach the practical implementation

- Support structuring of the universe with it's assessment components and related mathematical assessment logic

- Implementation of working templates and management reporting

- Design of
decision systems based on measurements and bridging with ICT systems (both ways)
References of international Audit related pilot work, training and coaching

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IT Auditing
Perform IT Control Diagnostics in terms of performance, risk, responsibilities and service level agreements.

Engagement Scoping
Analyse fitness of IT governance processes and associated controls, including identification of minimum controls.

Resource Assessment
Assess resource balancing versus management control objectives.

Risk Assessment
Evaluation of IT domain risk factors in terms of Technology Concerns to Management as defined by Gartner Group.

Some of the above services are performed using CobiT™ Framework based methodology.
Executive CobiT™ information and IT Governance reference materials are available from the Information Systems Audit & Control Association

Process set-up, analysis and remodedelling activities are performed using SAP’s Solution Composer. Click here for a sample. (Works correctly with Internet Explorer only)

CobiT™ is a TradeMark of the Information Systems Audit and Control Foundation.
SAP Solution Composer – Copyright© 2002 SAP AG.

The summary of Interim Management competence

– Crisis management
– Bridging people management gaps

– IS/IT Competence management
– Change management

The summary of Project Management competence

– Large project orientation
– Concentrated on methodological approach
– Including organisational advice
– Project Office know-how

Q-Project applies knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project.

This involves balancing competing demands among:
– Scope, time, cost & quality;
– Stakeholders with differing needs and expectations;
– Identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations).

Q-Project practices Industry recognised approaches for Integration, Scoping, Timing, Costing, Quality Control, Resourcing, Communications, Risk Management and Procurement.

Q-Project understands the relationship of Project Management and Practice to General Management Knowledge and Practice and Application Area Knowledge and Practice.

The summary of Organisational Advice competence

– Large experience with operational issues in different business sectors
– Concentrated around organisational assessment and guidance for implementation of adequate solutions


– Analyse presumed problem area processes and practices and identify actions required to resolve unveiled anomalies.

– Provide a simple follow through mechanism for Management to monitor Improvement Action Plan implementation progress.

The summary of Quality Care competence

Generic processes

– Implementation of basic “conformance to requirements” systems – “Zero Defects”, Phil Crosby approach
– Extension of basic systems with benchmarking and loop-back
– Up to assessment and business improvement based on the Baldridge Quality Criteria

Project related

End to End Project Quality Planning:

– Complement project plans with actions desired to bridge gaps between project critical success factors as perceived by the Project Sponsor on one hand, and success factor translation in the project specifications and provisions at the other hand.

– Provide a simple follow through mechanism for Management and Sponsor to monitor Project Quality Plan implementation progress.

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