Customers rely on us because we can address complex information technology challenges ...

We bring independent subject matter experts to the work floor
Clients can testify our pragmatic approach to complex issues
Small to big environments are part of the Client portfolio
Work gets executed according to recognised norms and standards

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Customers trust our know-how on managing data securely, efficiently and cost effectively ...

Organisations work with us to explore data assets to create value
We bring independent data utilization experts to the work floor
Clients can testify our pragmatic approach to data management challenges
We understand how to optimise the use of data within the bounds of policies and regulations
Clients appreciate jointly made decisions to maximize benefits to the organisation

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Customers are confident working with us on fine-tuning their risk-taking behavior ...

Clients rely on our enterprisewide business value experience as a function of risk and return
With expertise built since 1998, we coach Clients in making risk an integral part of business value creation
Strategic-minded enterprises appreciate our help in changing the traditional view of risk avoidance
We help Clients seek risk exposures to incur just enough of the right kinds of risks to effectively pursue strategic goals
Clients will testify our pragmatic approach to the right risk assessment processing

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Customers rely on us to choose the best of breed management information software ...

We partner with Microworld for IT protection solutions
Clients requiring Governance, Risk Managemt and Compliance solutions can count on our partnership with Cerrix
We partner with Empowered Systems and First Tack for audit solutions
Clients requiring operational intelligence solutions can rely on our ClearPriority partnership

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Who we are

Q-Project Management Consulting Ltd. (QPMC) was founded in 1996 to provide short-term Management Consulting services, focused on helping Clients to improve their organisational Information & Communication Technology.

This operational focus was broadened in 1998 with general Auditing and Risk Management services through an alliance with Methodware Ltd. providing the supporting software solutions.

Since August 2012, we provide the same services with the Thomson Reuters Accelus solutions suite.
The Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv Enterprise Risk Management Technology group is now operating as Empowered Systems.

QPMC is always looking for high quality partnerships.

If you believe we can mutually complement each other beneficially, please contact us to discuss “becoming part of the band”.